IPCP Launches Project on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

The IPCP is pleased to announce the launch of a one-year project on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). We gratefully acknowledge financial support by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The goal of the project is to synthesize five overview reports that reflect the current status of scientific knowledge on the environmental exposure and associated effects of known EDCs and selected potential EDCs. One of the reports will also summarize existing regulatory frameworks that target EDCs across the globe. The project team led by Dr. Martin Scheringer (current Chair of the IPCP) will pay specific attention to include information from developing countries and countries with economies in transition. It should be noted that human exposure to EDCs and associated impacts as well as testing methodologies for EDCs do not fall within the project scope and will not be addressed.

This project is in line with the IPCP’s mission to initiate, prepare and disseminate condensed, state-of-the-science documentation on all aspects of environmentally relevant chemicals and to act internationally and in countries with particular needs for improving knowledge on chemicals and chemical-related issues. Under the project, the project team will conduct research and stakeholder outreach, and prepare the five reports. The IPCP will in the near future launch “Calls for Information” during the preparatory phase and later “Calls for Comments” when drafts of the reports are available for review. This will allow scientists from the EDC field to provide inputs and feedback.

Future updates regarding the project as well as the calls for information/comments will be announced on the IPCP website. For further information, see the EDC page or contact us via edc(-at-)ipcp.ch.

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