ISEH 2016 & Geoinformatics 2016

IPCP is a partner of the Joint International Conference on Environment, Health, GIS and Agriculture 2016, taking place in Galway, Ireland, August 14 – 20, 2016.

The joint conference provides a historic opportunity for international experts working in several closely related areas of environment, health, geographical information system (GIS) and agriculture, to meet and share the latest understanding of the ever growing challenges between humans and our changing environment. The ISEH (International Symposium on Environment and Health) conference series provides an internationally leading platform for interaction between scientists, consultants, and public servants engaged in the multi-disciplinary areas of environment and health. With fast economic development, the importance of environment and health is widely recognized in the world, and there is a growing demand for international experts from all over the world to work together on this topic of common interest. The conference provides an opportunity for direct communication between international experts, and it helps to foster and develop international collaborations. The Geoinformatics conference provides a unique forum for exchanging novel ideas and cutting-edge knowledge on geographic information sciences and technologies among GIS professionals worldwide.


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