Organization of the IPCP

The IPCP is an international network of scientists working on various aspects of chemical pollution. It is a nonprofit association according to Swiss law with its domicile in Zurich, Switzerland, and currently more than 90 scientists are regular members. A general assembly is organized yearly, commonly in connection with an international conference to attract participants. During the general assembly, ongoing work is presented and new working group topics can be suggested.

The organization of the IPCP consists of a board with currently ten members. The board is responsible for the general direction of IPCP work, and it approves results from working groups and project consortia.

IPCP working groups prepare reports or guidance documents on priority topics endorsed at the general assembly and approved by the IPCP board. The working groups can be organized in a flexible structure to work on priority topics, prepare reports, and carry out research when feasible. The working group can arrange non-members for this work as well. The aim is to deliver reports which will be distributed to governments, interested parties, and will be available to the public on the IPCP web site.


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